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If you require the most optimal gaming requirments, consider splashing the extra cash on this awesome maxxed out high end Complete PC build. With second to none components that will allow for top-tier gaming.

  • An Asus ROG Strix z790-E motherboard with next-gen M.2 support, on board WI-FI and immersive gaming audio
  • A mighty Intel Core i7 4770K 3.5GHz processor for blistering speeds and high performance
  • ASUS RTX 3060 Graphics Card 12 GB provides astonishing visuals and mind blowing graphics

  • 32GB of DDR5 Ram for effortless multitasking between aplications and games without slowdown or lag . Upgradeable to 64GB for even more performance

  • M.2 SSD for unmatched read and write speeds. 

  • Corsair ICUE H150i Elite LCD Water Cooler for ultra cooling, allowing the CPU to reach optimal levels

  • A Corsair RM1000X Fully Modular PSU, to be able to handle anything you throw at it, voltage wise and for the future 

High End Complete PC Build

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