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Suspect that you could have a virus on your Apple or Microsoft machine or device?  Infections on Apple machines are rare, but becoming more prevalent in the form of spyware these days.  However, there are many viruses in circulation for  Microsoft Operating Systems and some are more obvious than others.  Where some work away silently in the background eating up resources and corrupting files,  others have more visible signs of operation and want you to know they are there and to take your credit card details, in order to rectify, etc. 




First thing is to switch off your computer or device, DO NOT HAND ANYONE YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD DETAILS and please do not switch on again until the situation has been resolved.    Also, those people who call you up pretending to be Microsoft, etc, are scammers and there is no way that they can know you have a virus on your computer, so simply tell them you know they are scammers and hang up the phone!  


Getting back to the probable reason why you are here reading this; please be advised that the more you use your suspected infected technology, the more permission you are giving the infection to wreak the havoc it was written to wreak upon your system and the harder and more expensive it will be to get it fixed!


Here are some signs that your IT system could be infected:-


*  Pop-ups taking over your screen and demanding payment are probably one of the worst kind and more obvious.

*  Blue screens with white writing and random system restarts.

*  Disappearing files and data and scrambling of data.

*  Passwords for files or the system no longer work.

*  New annoying pop-ups appearing that you try to close and that come back again.

*  General system slowness.

*  Browser looks different and acting oddly, search functionality has changed, i.e. the Google search page has been replaced with something less familiar.

*  Your internet connection is showing as active, but you cannot reach any websites on any browser.

*  Browsers are very slow or completely inactive, displaying messages such as "Page Cannot be Displayed".

*  General system sluggishness post opening an unknown link or file from within an email from an unknown or known sender.

*  General system sluggishness and internet not functioning since installing free software from the internet.


The above are just a few examples of the effects an infection can have on your system.  The best thing to do is to switch off immediately, (by the usual way through the software if possible and not by the plug, to prevent further damage to your hard drive) and take it to somebody who knows what they are doing in order to remove it for you.


Here at Complete PC & Mac Services, we have been dealing with viruses, trojans, adware, malware, key logging software, phishing software, worms, spyware, BHO's and other rogue software for 21 years, both in a corporate and private environment, so you know you are in good hands.


Virus detection and removal is one of our very favourite things to deal with as it is sometimes a challenge and you, the client, will be happy and relieved when it's all over!


We do so hate to sound pushy, however, if you suspect you have a virus, please shut down now and give us a call!


Free PERSONAL AND CAREFUL local pickup and delivery can be arranged and jobs usually completed within several hours.  So to organise a pickup, visit, appointment, or simply to ask for some advice or for a quote, call us on:


Freephone:-  0800-999-3346.

For in and around Brentwood, Billericay, Stock, Ingatestone & Fryerning:- 01277-222346.

For the area of Basildon:- 01268-286446.

Or for Mobile:- 07947-999846. 


Alternatively, you can fill in the form on our CONTACT/FIND US page.


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